Sizing The Clovis Point has an array of different brands, sizing can be tricky. Here is both a contemporary sizing chart for our new products as well as an image on how we measure our vintage jeans. If you have any questions email us at 




Measuring your size for vintage jeans works best with a high rise pair of jeans. 

Step 1: Measure across the waist of the jeans. 

Step 2: Times the number you get by two to get the size of the waist. 

Step 3: The rise of the jeans are measured from the top down to the bottom where the seam meets the inseam. 

Step 4: The hips are measured straight across starting towards the bottom of the fly of the jeans.  

The Clovis Point's jeans are sized true to size despite what the tag may say. Every pair of jeans are hand measured to avoid any confusion on the different conversions of each brand, style, and year they were made.