About Us

Back in 2019 is where the owner & founder, Jayda went to work and when her dreams came to fruition. She used her love for both western fashion & arrowheads and created The Clovis Point.

The Clovis Point is all about following your arrow, using those hardships that were meant to break you and letting them shape you into who are meant to be!

Our store is dedicated to providing customers with a unique shopping experience that celebrates the timeless style & spirit of the American West. We have carefully curated a selected collection of vintage and modern clothing, that embody individualism & the spirit of the the frontier.

Our products are sourced from across the country and are chosen for their quality, authenticity, & uniqueness.

We take pride in our commitment to sustainability to ensure that our products are environmentally friendly.

Whether you are new to the western fashion world or grew up in the western lifestyle, The Clovis Point offers an exclusive kind of shopping experience that is sure to delight & inspire.